The Talent Code

The Talent Code
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A New York Times best-selling author explores cutting-edge brain science to learn where talent comes from, how it grows, and how we can make ourselves smarter.How does a penniless Russian tennis club with one indoor court create more top 20 women players than the entire United States? How did a small town in rural Italy produce the dozens of painters and sculptors who ignited the Italian Renaissance? Why are so many great soccer players from Brazil?

4K Video Downloader Multilingual
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4K Video Downloader allows to video, audio and subtitles from YouTube in high-quality and as fast as your computer and connection will allow.

Advanced Infrastructure Hacking BlackHat USA 2019

Advanced Infrastructure Hacking BlackHat USA 2019
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Notsosecure Advanced Infrastructure Hacking
An Advanced Infrastructure Hacking class designed for those who wish to push their knowledge . The fast-paced class teaches the audience a wealth of hacking techniques to compromise various operating systems and networking devices. The class will cover advanced penetration techniques to achieve exploitation and will familiarise you with hacking of common operating systems, networking devices and much more. From hacking Domain Controllers to local root, VLAN Hopping to VoIP Hacking, we have got everything covered. Whether you are Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, or hoping to gain a better understanding of managing vulnerabilities in your environment, understanding advanced hacking techniques for infrastructure devices and systems is critical. The Advanced Infrastructure class will get the attendees familiarised with a wealth of hacking techniques for common Operating Systems and networking devices. While prior Pen Testing experience is not a strict requirement, a prior use of common hacking tools such as Metasploit is recommended for this class.

Desktop Calendar Multilingual
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DesktopCal is a very useful piece of software that helps change your normal desktop into a calendar, so that time management can be done with more ease.

Technics Publication - Python Library Series The Definitive Guide to Statsmodels

Technics Publication - Python Library Series The Definitive Guide to Statsmodels-XCODE
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Category: Tutorial

Dhiraj, a data scientist and machine learning evangelist, continues his teaching of Python libraries by explaining through both lecture and practice the Statsmodels library

OneSafe PC Cleaner Pro Multilingual
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Fix Windows errors on your PC!

The Brain Fitness Program

The Brain Fitness Program
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This program presents a work­out to help view­ers get their brains in bet­ter shape. The Brain Fitness Program is based on neuro plasticity, the ability of the brain to change and adapt - even rewire itself. In the past two years, a team of scientists has developed computer based stimulus sets that dri­ve beneficial chemical, physical and functional changes in the brain. Dr. Michael Merzenich of the University of California San Francisco and his colleagues around the world have been leading this effort; he brings the research findings, along with a scientifically based set of brain exercises, to PBS view­ers in this innovative and life alter­ing pro­gram. Peter Coyote narrates.

Channel 4 - Lost Pharaohs of the Nile (2019) 720p HDTV

Channel 4 - Lost Pharaohs of the Nile (2019) 720p HDTV
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The work of archaeologists to excavate sites along the Sudanese Nile Valley, from pyramids to temples, which once formed part of Ancient Egypt, ruled by a dynasty known as the Black Pharaohs. Featuring the world's first investigation of the submerged burial chambers of a pyramid, the discovery of what appears to be a major Black Pharaoh power base near the great temple of Jebel Barkal, and using drones to show the full extent of the Black Pharaoh's Kingdom for the first time - the experts in this film challenge the view that Egypt is Africa's only 'great' civilisation.

Technics Publication - IP Address Version 4 and Version 6 Made Simple

Technics Publication - IP Address Version 4 and Version 6 Made Simple-ZH
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Category: Networking

Be able to explain IP Address V4 and IP Address V6 by following along with networking expert Zanis Khan. This topic is a subset of Zanis Khan's course, The Definitive Preparation Guide to the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification Exam. There are three topics within this course:

BBC - Handmade in Bolton (2019) 720p HDTV

BBC - Handmade in Bolton (2019) 720p HDTV
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Category: Documentary

Dr Janina Ramirez and reformed forger Shaun Greenhalgh work to recreate ancient works of art.
Ch1. Visigothic Brooch
Beginning with a jeweled eagle brooch fit for a Visigoth chieftain. They visit an animal sanctuary in Lancashire to draw inspiration a close-up encounter with a bird of prey - but sourcing authentic materials proves tricky.